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History in the Making

Aberrant Ales was the brainchild of a late night sampling session around a campfire. Fed up with the status quo, Clark decided it was time to make a change and, with the support of his homebrew partner, started the wheels in motion to launch what would become Aberrant Ales.

From humble beginnings come great things

Like most home brewers, our brewing history began in five gallon batches in a garage. Equipped with a few good books and the necessary ingredients, we set out to craft the very beers we had come to love. Over the next few years we brewed in that garage as often as possible, having some great successes, some humbling mistakes and learning the craft of brewing. Quickly progressing from five, to ten, to 30 gallon batches, we began to hone our craft.  Brewing was no longer a hobby, it was a passion. Working tirelessly over the next year, Clark transformed his home basement into a one barrel electric brew house. Fully immersed in the craft beer culture, our passion had become purpose. Five years of listening, learning, brewing and most importantly…drinking, we are ready to share our passion with those who are tired of the usual and dare to be Aberrant!


Aberrant Ales is a young company with years of history to be made. Join Aberrant on their journey to become a standout in the Michigan craft beer industry.

219 W. Grand River, Howell, MI   I   517.518.8699

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