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Members Only!



Get In Where You Fit In

Do you dare to StandOut but want to feel accepted while doing it?  Do you love great beer, great people and great times? Then get your mitts on one of these mugs! Aberrant Ales 'Members Only Mug Club' is an exclusive group of like-minded, craft beer enthusiasts, who are looking for a place to call their home away from home. These limited opportunities at awesomeness will be offered in small batch releases and are strictly sold on a first come first serve basis. We will announce when new mugs go on sale, make them available for purchase and when that batch is gone...they gone! 

Memberships choices...


Lifetime Memberships will run ya $250 and get you all the good times the last year has proven for as long as you live.


Annual Membership will run ya $75, with an annual renewal of $40




Mug Memberships are currently sold out.

Subscribe to our mailing list and stay tuned for more info on when the next batch will be available.


  • Your very own 20oz mug on the wall

  • Style Points for drinking out of your personal mug

  • 20oz mug fills for pint glass prices

       (excludes gravity and specialty series beers)

  • $1 off Gravity and Specialty Series

       (served in appropriate glassware)

  • $2 off Growler fills

  • $1 off Howler fills

  • Free pizza and beer on your birthday

  • 10% off swag
  • Advanced bottle purchases
  • Event volunteer opportunities

Members Only Benefits

Your mug is yours and yours alone. To be used exclusively by you and only you...not your wife, not your kids, not your best friend's dog, etc.  If you abuse your membership in this manner, we reserve the right to kick you out of the club. When you purchase your membership, you will be asked for a name for our master list; this is the only person who may use the mug. If you are purchasing a mug as a gift, you must give the person’s name who will be using it.

Mugs may not be taken out of the taproom and still be eligible for Mug Club membership. If you take your mug from the taproom for any reason, we will assume you are relinquishing your membership and will re-sell your number. To get back in da' club, would require to re-pay the $75 sign up fee.

Morale of the story...leave your mug where it belongs!! 

219 W. Grand River, Howell, MI   I   517.518.8699

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